Teresa Hanafin of “Fast Forward” of the Boston Globe wrote the following:


While you were sleeping: The BBC reported a stunning story about a British couple, their 3-month-old baby, and their relatives on vacation in Vancouver who accidentally crossed the border into the US back on Oct. 3. They were pulled over by a cop, arrested, separated, put in freezing cold cells at a detention center, and forced to sleep on the floor. The woman refused to let her infant sleep on the “filthy” floor, so she tried balancing him on her chest. Food and blankets were woefully inadequate.

Then they were flown to a family detention center in Pennsylvania, known as a “baby jail,” where the infant — who hasn’t had all of his immunization shots yet — was exposed to dozens of other kids. Again, dirty conditions, with sheets and blankets that the mother said smelled like a dead dog. It was close to a week before they were allowed to call their embassy, and today, two weeks after they were first nabbed, they’re still in custody.

Why weren’t they allowed to just turn around and drive back into Canada? Because this is who we are now, abusing and alienating allies around the world, one family at a time.

Welcome to America!