Nancy Bailey posted this great piece last May, but I missed it then. It remains super-timely.

35 Ways They Dumb Down America: Still, There’s Hope!

She writes.

If you’ve ever worried what the future will hold without public schools, watching legislators destroy those schools in Florida and Tennessee this past week was gloomy.

But there they were with smiles in Florida, and a little less jubilant in Tennessee.

These policymakers, who are supposed to represent everyone, seem to take no interest in the research surrounding the importance of democratic public schools and the lack of any evidencesupporting vouchers or charter schools.

There’s not even proof that private and parochial schools are great.

But before those of you who care about kids and public schools get too gloomy, there’s always hope! One just needs to know where to look.

Nancy lists 35 ways that policy makers have dumbed down America.

Feel free to add your own to her list.