Republican legislators in North Carolina pulled a fast one on the Democrats. After assuring them that no votes were scheduled, the Republicans took advantage of the Democrats’ absence to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of the Republican budget.

NBC reported:

“North Carolina House Democrats are calling foul on their Republican colleagues for voting to override the governor’s budget veto on Wednesday while most Democrats were not present.

“The uproar began after GOP Rep. Jason Saine made a motion early Wednesday morning to reconsider the budget that was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper earlier this year, according to The Raleigh News & Observer.

“Democrats excoriated Republicans on social media and the few who were present in the House at the time of the vote furiously protested the decision. Only 12 Democrats were in the House, but they did not all have an opportunity to vote and their microphones were cut off, the paper reported. The vote passed 55-9. The issue now moves to the state’s GOP-controlled Senate.

“How dare you do this, Mr. Speaker!” said Democratic Rep. Deb Butler, who was surrounded by fellow Democrats on the House floor as she shouted in protest at the decision, according to a video posted online by a Democratic colleague. “If this is the way you think democracy works, shame on you. This is not appropriate and you know it. The people of North Carolina, you will answer to the people of North Carolina.”

“House Democratic leader Darren Jackson told the paper that he informed Democrats that they did not need to be present because Republican Rep. David Lewis said there would be no recorded votes. The North Carolina House is a 120-member body and Republicans hold a 65–55 majority. However, last year Democrats won enough seats in the House to end the GOP’s supermajority, which had allowed them to override a veto.”

Governor Cooper was attending a 9/11 memorial service when the Republicans trucked him and their Democratic colleagues.


Note from an activist in N.C.:

“The NC House voted this morning to override Governor Cooper’s veto of the republican budget. Cooper wanted to expand medicaid and also increase school funding, teacher salaries. The ‘News and Observer’ noted in an editorial today that NC ranked 37th in the nation when Republicans won control of the General Assembly in 2011. Today, the same editorial noted that our state now ranks 48th overall in per pupil spending.

“The Senate still also needs to vote but it’s probably going to happen (Cooper’s veto will be overridden). Republicans only need one vote in the NC Senate and they’ll bribe somebody. They tried all summer to get 5 votes in the house but failed so they used 9/11, of all days, to ramrod through their agenda.”

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