Billionaire Jonathan Sackler of Purdue Pharma and charter school kingpin has been ordered to testify in a lawsuit in Connecticut.

A Connecticut Superior Court ruling this week requires Jonathan Sackler, a member of the family that owns drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma, to testify in the lawsuit the State of Rhode Island filed last year against the company and several others involved in the making of medications that have contributed to the opioid epidemic.

On May 7, a subpoena was issued to obtain a deposition from Sackler, a Connecticut resident, according to the office of Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha. Sackler was served with the subpoena on May 22 and subsequently moved for protection in Connecticut Superior Court, Neronha’s office said.

But in a decision issued Tuesday, the Connecticut court ruled that it “will decline to issue the protective order sought by the respondent…. The court grants the application to compel the deposition of Jonathan Sackler.”

“We intend to continue to vigorously litigate our case against Purdue and the other defendants and hope to take Mr. Sackler’s deposition as soon as possible,” Neronha spokeswoman Kristy dosReis told The Journal.