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I spoke with teacher and different members of our community to put recommendations for the department of education to consider. Here is a copy of the suggestions. We have to wait and see what happens, it’s to my understanding others have sent suggestions also, hopefully we will all Make an impact. Benton Harbor Commissioner Ron Singelton.

Action Plan Committee to Save Benton Harbor School System.

Ask the governor to appoint the University Of Michigan School Of education to administrate the Benton Harbor School district with the Benton Harbor School Board in an advisory capacity. The board is to learn and over time resume control. Be it understood the University Of Michigan will hire and fire educational staff, provide resources and do what is deemed necessary to have the students in the Benton Harbor School system be able to enter the University Of Michigan or any state or private learning institution in the United States, as its current standard for the Ann Arbor school system.
Ask the governor to appoint school board Vice President Joe Taylor and current Benton Harbor School teacher Marilyn Ross-Golden, former educator Sam Hudson and a state accountant) to form an independent review board to audit the Benton Harbor School system finances for a minimum of the past 5-7 years to possibly locate missing funds and correct current wasteful practices and have a preliminary report in 5-7 business days.
Ask the governor to request Wayne county executive Mr Warren Evans and former Berrien County Commissioner and former Benton Harbor School Board President Marletta Seats to review the history, conduct, and qualifications of school board members and set standards and penalties for misconduct from the state and local school board.

Request governor order no business or real estate transactions until the University Of Michigan and Action Plan Committee recommendations are in place for 30 day of the evaluation period.

Class room recommendations

Class size maximum 20 students all schools
Keep 7,8,9 grades separated to middle school
Keep 10,11,12 grades separated to high school

Elementary school recommendations

Students needing behavioral support are separated and provided additional resources
Tutorial services for all students and those performing below 75%
Home assessment for students with behavioral issues and a collaboration with DHS
Re-establish local Benton Harbor resident paraprofessional Assistants For all K – 6 classes

High school Recommendations

1. Mandatory SAT/ACT prep course starting freshman through the senior year
2. Summer school course: 

a. Study skills class. b. PSAT summer course. c. Essay writing course. d. African, African American literature reading course.

Administrative Recommendations

To have only a Superintendent for the current district size.
Each school with a principal.
Middle school has a principal and counselor.
High school has a principal and at least two counselors.
Eliminate CEO and CFO position due to management by the University Of Michigan or educational institution and the limited size of the school district.

Parent Recommendations

1. Family counseling and support to children underperforming academically 
2. Family counseling and behavioral support for students with conduct difficulties
3. Mandatory parental support or supervision in their students class for two random graded marking periods. 
4. Reestablish parental Advisory Board to represent each school. 
5. Establish local parental disciplinary advisory board for each school. 

Mandatory Parental workshop to prepare parents and students for the up coming school year; without attending the workshop students can not register.

An additional option: U of M would manage the Benton Harbor School system for serval years and then transition to Western University due to proximity to Benton Harbor and after several years Western would finally transition management back to the Benton Harbor administration when the district is stabilized and independently healthy.

These recommendations humbly submitted as an effort to help

Action Committee Contributors

Chair Commissioner Ron Singleton, Co-Chair Emma Kinnard, Marilyn Ross-Golden, Rev Ed Pinkney, Cleveton Jack, Sam Hudson, Ruthie Haralson, and Rev Dr Don J Tynes MD, FACP

Benton Harbor City Commissioner Ron Singelton
+1 (269) 487-5992

My plan would be to replace the whole school board with retired teachers and or outstanding teachers based on the academic performance of their students. The president would be Marylin Ross-Golden