Peter Greene lives in Pennsylvania. He is a retired teacher who spent nearly 40 years in the classroom. He has received postcards urging him to abandon his union. He decided to identify the organizations behind this activity.

You may not be surprised. 

Those postcards, he writes, are the product of the same old network of anti-union far-right folks who have been constantly looking for ways to slap teachers down and put them in their place. A full frontal attack on unions has not been as successful in Pennsylvania as it has been in states like Wisconsin….
The good news, so far, is that the post-Janus apocalypse that many unions braced for has not actually happened, and actions by teachers in states like West Virginia have shown that even if you could disempower the union, teachers will find a way to push back if you push them too far. 
When you get the card, you’ll see that Williams has provided a handy email address. Feel free to ask him about the time that he angrily gave back the raise that the union negotiated form him, or if, now that he’s retired, he’s planning on doing without that pension that the union won him (actually, he may be well enough paid that he doesn’t need it). But at a minimum, you can safely throw your invitation…in the trash. 
Because, look– you will never find me serving as an unconditional cheerleader for PSEA, and local leadership can be a crapshoot. But if a teacher’s plan is to depend on their own negotiating prowess to get a personal awesome contract, or they’re just going to trust folks like the Kochs and the DeVos family to look out for their best interests–well, that’s a bad plan.