This is a stunner.

Jennifer Berkshire writes in The New Republic that Cory Booker flew to Michigan in 2000 to help promote vouchers, at the request of Betsy and Dick DeVos. They put a referendum on the state ballot to change the Constitution to allow vouchers. They asked for Booker’s help, and they got it.

Booker was a young Newark city councilor when Dick and Betsy DeVos brought him to Michigan to play pitchman for Proposal 1, a 2000 ballot question that would have made private school vouchers a right enshrined in the state constitution and competency testing mandatory for Michigan’s teachers.

The referendum went down to a crushing defeat, by a vote of 69-31.

When DeVos was nominated by Trump to be Secretary of Education, Booker feigned outrage and voted against her.

Berkshire, in her inimitable style, reviews Booker’s role as a champion of school choice and an ally of Betsy DeVos.