I started this blog in 2012. Readership began building and reached amazing heights. But in 2016, something strange began to happen. Readers began disappearing. Many contacted me offline to ask if I had blocked them. Of course, I had not.

I contacted WordPress, where I always get a very fast response from people they call “Happiness Engineers.” They told me that Facebook had changed its algorithm, which caused a drop in my readership. But readers continued to reach out to me to say that they had been dropped without their permission and asking how to resume receiving the blog. I always sent their requests to the Happiness Engineers, who told them that they had pressed a button to block receipt of the blog and advised them how to unblock it.  This happened to members of my family and close friends, some of whom never figured out how to resume getting the blog.

Recently, Mercedes Schneider was dropped, like so many other readers before her.

She figured out exactly how to restore her receipt of the blog.

In the future, when a reader writes to ask why they no longer receive my blog and how they can resume it, I will send them Mercedes’ careful explanation.

Meanwhile, I wish someone at WordPress would figure out what’s wrong with their software and why they unsubscribe people who don’t wish to be unsubscribed.