There are three important California assembly bills AB 1505, AB 1506, and AB 1507 designed to help clean up the charter school mess.  1507 will be going up for a vote by the full assembly TODAY, Monday, May 13.  This bill would forbid charters from being placed in school districts that do not want them by other districts as a moneymaking scheme.

NPE has reported on the fiscal malfeasance, online schools and storefront schools that have resulted. Please read here.

Call your assembly member and ask them to vote yes on AB 1507 today, Monday 13.

Call your Assembly member. You can find the phone number here. If you are unsure who represents you, go here to find out.

Here is a script you can use:

” I am asking that (name) vote yes today AB 1507. We need Charter accountability. Charter schools should only allowed to open in the district that authorized them, not anywhere else. One district should not solve their budget shortfalls by allowing charter schools to set up in another district. We need local control and oversight of charters to end corruption and fraud. Will the Asm vote yes?”There are also a number of Democrats in the assembly who have been identified as “on the fence” for today’s vote on AB 1507. We must put maximum pressure on these Assembly Members, so if you or anyone you know lives in these districts please help us push them to vote yes.

Aguiar Curry AD4 Lake, Napa, Yolo (not W Sacto), parts of Sonoma, Solano

916-319-2004, 530-757-1034 Fax 916-319-2104

Carrillo AD51 East LA, Eagle Rock

916-319-2051, 213-483-5151 Fax 926-319-2151

Cervantes AD60 Corona, El Cerrito

916-319-2060, 951-371-6860 Fax 916-319-2160

Cooper AD9 Elk Grove, Lodi

916-319-2009, 916-670-7888 Fax 916-319-2109

Daly AD69 Anaheim, Santa Ana

916-319-2069, 714-939-8569 Fax 916-319-2169

Gloria AD78 San Diego

916-319-2078, 619-645-3090 Fax 916-319-2178

Gray AD21 Modesto, Merced

916-319-2021, 209-726-5465 Fax 916-319-2121

Grayson AD14 Vallejo, Pleasant Hill

916-319-2014, 925-521-1511 Fax 916-319-2114

Kamlager Dove AD54 Crenshaw, Culver City, Westwood, Inglewood

916-319-2054, 310-641-5410 Fax 916-319-2154, 310-641-5415

Limon AD37 Santa Barbara, Ventura

916-319-2037, 805-564-1649 Fax 916-319-2137, 805-564-1651

Low AD28 Silicon Valley Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos

916-319-2028, 408-446-2810

Fax 916-319-2128, 408-446-2815

Rubio AD48 Azusa, El Monte, Covina/W Covina

916-319-2048, 626-960-4457 Fax 916-319-2048, 626-960-1310

If you have a resistant Asm, add the following:

“Charter accountability and ending abuse of public funds is how we get to racial and socioeconomic equity and fully funded public schools. Rare natural disasters that might force charter relocations are a red herring. School boards from other districts should not be allowed to grant charters that will open in our communities”

Thanks for all that you do.

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