Mercedes Schneider reports that teachers at three charter schools in Chicago are on strike. 

How terrifying for the Waltons, the Koch brothers, and Betsy DeVos!

These are not the first charters to go on strike. But it must be a huge annoyance for their funders.

She writes:

According to idealized market-based ed reform, the CEO is supposed to be the one with the power, and collective bargaining should not exist. The charter school CEO calls the shots, and if the teachers don’t like it, they can either suck it up or leave.

Ahh, but that dastardly unionizing– it threatens the concetration of power with a CEO. If those teachers each take their bits of power and combine those bits, then the poor CEOs will have to do what market-based ed reform promises powerful CEOs what they should never have to do:


The ingrates!