Peter Greene knows there are many states where public schools are under attack: Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, and more.

But one state stands out as the absolute worst: Florida. 

If you hate public schools, Florida is for you.

If you hate teachers, go to Florida.

To get the full flavor of why Florida is an abomination, open the link and read the post.

It begins:

There are plenty of states in the country that are not very friendly to public education, but Florida under its new governor has established itself as the very worst state for public education. The worst. Its hatred of public school teachers and its absolute determination to dismantle public education so that it can sell off the pieces to privatizers and profiteers puts the sunshine state in the front of the pack.

The Newest Baloney

The latest nail in the coffin is Senate Bill 7070, a bill that adds yet another school choice program to the Florida portfolio of choiceness. That bill was passed today and now needs only Governor DeSantis’s signature, which it will get quickly. The bill offers up vouchers that can be used for private schools, including the religion-based ones, like the ones that teach dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth together and the ones that maintain their right to discriminate against, well, whoever. The vouchers will be one more drain on the public tax dollars intended to fund public education, but then, a key feature of the Florida approach has been to keep underfunding public schools so that charter and private schools can look better by comparison.

Prior efforts to use public funds for religious schools were struck down by the state courts. Governor DeSantis took care of that problem by adding three new justices to the state’s high court.

Read the post to learn about Florida’s trouble finding teachers, about giveaways to charter profiteers (many of whom have relatives in the Legislature), about the legislature’s hatred for elected school board, about the dunces in chargeof state policy, about the state’s inadequate spending…well, you get theidea.

Greene writes:

There’s so much more, but these lowlights give you the idea. Talk to some charteristas on line and get a feel for just how deeply some of these folks hate teachers and teacher unions and public education. But nothing captures the cynicism driving the privatization of Florida education like the moment DeSantis explained “If the taxpayer is paying for education, it’s public education.”

Sure. The best way to steal something is to gaslight your audience and tell them, “What? I didn’t steal it. It’s still right there.” Don’t tell the public you’re ending public education; just redefine public education as a private business with no meaningful transparency, oversight, or democratic local control, and which the public does not own or operate.

There are lots of places in this country where public education is under assault, hampered by privatizers and profiteers, and in the past, I wouldn’t have tried to pick a Worst, but I’m ready now. I have no doubt that there are many good teachers, many good schools still hanging on and doing their best in spite of it all. But I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to raise children in Florida, and I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to get a teaching job there. Openly hostile to public education and systematically trying to break it down and replace it with privatized businesses while degrading and attacking the people who do the actual work, who actually care about education. Florida really is the worst.