The mayor of Devers, Texas, happens to be a fifth-grade teacher. Steve Horelica knows how phony the state test (STAAR) is. He has proclaimed that it won’t be allowed in his town. Very likely, the Texas Education Agency won’t let him get away with it. But what can they do? Send in the Texas Rangers and force kids to takethe Tests?

Imagine: what If he announced that no student in Devers would take the test? What if he declared that Devers was opting out?

He would be on my list of heroes if he did.

As a teacher, he knows that the test reveals nothing that teachers don’t know already. It distorts education.

Kudos to Mayor Horelica!

“Steve Horelica is not only the mayor, he teaches 5th grade at Devers ISD, where he says he has witnessed first-hand how ineffective the STAAR test is in educating his students.

“At the end of the year, the only thing that schools and TEA looks at is ‘What was your STAAR score?'” Horelica said. “They don’t look at how much children have grown, they don’t look at ‘Okay, this kid has a learning disability, so he is at a disadvantage.’ They don’t care. They just look at one thing. Did they pass or did they fail?”

“Horelica said because the STAAR test has done very little to actually educate his students, he decided it was time to do something.

“And I just threw it out there as a joke and said, ‘Boy, I wish I could make the STAAR test go away as mayor,'” Horelica said. “And some folks chimed in and said, ‘Why don’t you do it?'”

Hint: Tests don’t educate students. Making tests harder doesn’t make students smarter.