Mercedes Schneider is a master at tracking down financial records.

In this post, she shows the direct connections between the Sackler’s billions–derived from the sale of OxyContin–and the growth of the charter movement.

OxyContin is a highly addictive painkiller. It has been responsible thus far for more than 200,000 deaths.

The Sackler family is now being sued individually by the State Attorney General of Massachusetts, who claims that they knowingly pushed a drug that they knew to be deadly.

Meanwhile, museums, libraries, and universities are debating whether to keep the Sackler name on the buildings they endowed.

Some of the choice-promoting organizations that Sackler funded have a decidedly rightwing bent: the Philanthropy Roundtable is an organization of conservative foundations; the Alliance for School Choice; and the now-defunct Black Alliance for Educational Options were all fronts for DeVos-style privatization. The NewSchools Venture Fund is the uber-fund of chartering. Campbell Brown’s Partnership for Education Justice got $200,000 of Sackler money to attack teacher tenure and unions. Brown’s “The 74” website got a nice chuck of opioid money, as did KIPP and TFA. Lots more money for charters and charter promoters, including the faux “graduate” school called Relay. Oh, and money too for the libertarian Institute of Justice, which is to the right of DeVos.

So the money rolled in from opioids and went out the door to fund charter schools.