Well, here is a shocking story, as told by Mercedes Schneider. The Louisiana legislature has passed a law requiring all charter schools in New Orleans to have a parent of a child in the school or alumnus to be member of its board. Next year, the charters will have to have boards in which at least 60 percent are locals and reflect the gender and racial composition of the neighborhood.

This might cause panic at the Walton Family Foundation, which apparently thinks that charters must be governed by hedge fund managers.

The 2018-19 school year was the first in which New Orleans charter schools were required to include at least one parent or school alumnus on their boards. In 2019-20, all New Orleans charter schools (except those drawing from the entire state) must be comprised of boards in which both gender and racial makeup of the board must reflect that of the locality of the school– with at least 60 percent of board members being locals.