The strike by UTLA garnered national attention, and it is now over.

Less attention went to the strike by the teachers at the Accelerated Schools, a small charter chain whose teachers are unionized. The board has refused to meet the teachers’ demands for job rights and has threatened to close down the charters rather than give in to their teachers.

This is a short video about the charter teachers’ strike.

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Accelerated Schools Strike Enters Second Week

Employer Says They’d Sooner Close the Schools Than Settle on Teachers’ Demands

Tuesday marked the beginning of the second week at The Accelerated Schools’ teacher strike, where about 80 educators represented by United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) are engaged in California’s first charter school strike. The Accelerated Schools are not affiliated with Los Angeles Unified School District and are not part of UTLA’s recent settMEDIAlement. Negotiations are at a standstill and teachers remain out of the classroom and on the picket line.

Accelerated teachers are seeking basic due process and job security rights already covering more than 90% of educators in Los Angeles county public schools. Their demands follow the recommendations of a state-appointed fact finder. Negotiations broke down again Tuesday when Accelerated Trustee Leonard Rabinowitz declared that the board would sooner close the schools than meet workers’ demands. Teachers say that decision-makers’ indifference has deepened a divide that is harming students and the surrounding community. The employer’s latest refusal follows the employer calling the police on parents and students who sought to enter the school premises to discuss teachers’ issues with CEO Johnathan Williams.

UTLA will hold a press conference tomorrow morning to update the community on The Accelerated Schools strike and to demand the Accelerated CEO and the Board of Trustees meet teachers’ demands.

What: Accelerated teachers, parents, and UTLA President Alex Caputo Pearl will hold a press conference to provide an update on the Accelerated teachers strike
When: 8:30 am, January 24
Where: The Accelerated School, 4000 S. Main St. Los Angeles 90037
Who: UTLA President Alex Caputo Pearl, parents, students and striking Accelerated teachers