Denis Smith writes here about a difficult assignment he set himself. What was one good thing about Donald Trump?

And then he found it!

Donald Trump has exploded the myth that schools should operate like businesses!

He writes:

The disaster that is Donald Trump provides lessons for those who have fostered the myth of a corporate elite class as a needed tonic for educational reform, a term coined to be as deliberately misleading as making those “failing” schools run like businesses.

Never mind that family income is one of the main determinants of student achievement and success in school and that “success” v “failure” is determined in part by zip code. The poverty in the thinking of so-called reformers and right-wing politicians eager to take over poor and struggling urban schools for privatization purposes is notable, encouraging predatory activity, not unlike that practiced by corporate raiders.

The CEO blusters and rants. He bosses people around. He fires them when he doesn’t like their looks or they are not subservient to him.

He changes his mind in a split second.

He bullies people.

He never shows kindness or compassion. He laughs at those he perceives to be weak.

That’s not exactly what Denis wrote. But it is what I learned from watching the Master of the Art of the Deal: Bully the other side. Threaten to walk out. Walk out. Ridicule the other guy. Belittle him or her.

Some deal!