Tom Ultican, on his way to becoming the chronicler of the shape-shifting Destroy Public Education movement, brings us up to date on the personnel changes and name changes of the personnel on the DPE Gravy Train.

There is a money a-plenty, but there is also a sense that things are going terribly wrong.

There is no vision. They want change but they seem to have no game plan other than to collect the money, and make sure the millions are transferred in large bills.

There is a Yiddish expression, which I don’t know how to transliterate (and my Texas Yiddish is pretty awful), and it goes like this: “gournish helfem.” My spell check doesn’t want to write this, but there you are. It means literally, “This won’t help, nothing will help.” Or as the Monty Python skit said, “This is a dead parrot.”

Read Tom’s account to learn about the latest organizations, the newest players, the latest strategy, the flailing and obeisance to the Almighty Dollar.

They will keep changing their names, but it is the same old garbage and it stinks.

Ultican concludes:

This October, Diane Ravitch addressed #NPE2018Indy asserting, “We are the resistance and we are winning!” 2018 certainly was a hopeful year for the friends of public education and professional educators. Charter school growth has stagnated and “choice” has been shown to be a racist attack rather than an expanded right. In Arizona, an ALEC driven voucher scheme was soundly defeated and in California, Tony Thurmond turned back the nearly $50 million dollar effort to make a charter school executive Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The DPE response is a new more opaque and better funded effort narrowly focused on its theory of quality schools through the portfolio model. It is yet another effort to transform education with no input from educators. Without billionaire money tipping the scales of democracy; vouchers and charter schools would disappear because they are bad policy. Educators ache to focus on improving public education but must use their energy fighting for the survival of America’s public education system, the world’s greatest and most successful education institution.

America’s teachers are educators who will continue sharing lessons on how to recognize highly paid political agents and profitable propaganda centers masquerading as “think tanks.” I predict, even with the greater spending and reorganization, 2019 will be an awful year for the DPE forces.