I recently had an email exchange with Mike Petrilli, the president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. I’ve known Mike for many years, since he was a young raspcallion at TBF and I was a founding member of the board of directors.

Mike and I disagree about choice, high-stakes testing, Common Core, and other canonical features of the Reformer agenda. In a post, I referred to my side (the side supporting public schools) as David, and his side (the long list of billionaires) as Goliath. Mike said it was the other way around, because “my side” includes the unions, administrators, elected school boards, and anyone else with direct involvement in schools. Bill Bennett used to call these groups who were devoted to public education “The Blob.”

Of course, I pointed out to Mike that the Waltons now have a net worth of $160 billion or more, then there is a long list of other multibillionaires (Gates, Hastings, the Koch brothers, Bloomberg, Anschutz, DeVos, Arnold, Broad, etc.). I forgot to mention the U.S. Department of Education, which has been funding charters with billions of dollars since 1994.

I probably didn’t convince him.

But I have the clincher.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is called #GivingTuesday. The Network for Public Education started the day on Twitter urging friends and allies to go to a website (#Benevity) that offered $10 for every retweet to the charity of your choice. We urged our friends to tweet to provide gifts of $10.

On #GivingTuesday, I didn’t see a single Reformer group putting out requests for $10. Not one. Not TFA. Not Educators4Excellence. Not Stand for Children. Certainly not the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, which is sitting on tens of millions of dollars and gets huge grants from a long list of foundations.

No, they get gifts of hundreds of thousands and millions from foundations like Walton, Gates, Arnold, Broad, and about 50 other foundations who like to do whatever the big boys and girls do.

Ahem. We proudly claim the title of David to your Goliath. We know how that turned out.