New Orleans set a new model for privatization by creating the Recovery School District, which turned almost every public school in the city into a charter school. Tennessee copied the model in part by creating the Achievement School District, which gathered the state’s lowest performing schools, almost all in Memphis, and putting them into the ASD to be turned into charters. The ASD made bold promises but flopped. Of course, North Carolina had to copy the idea, so beloved in red states, so it created an Innovative School District. The legislation was funded by an Oregon tycoon, who surprisingly won the bid to run the new district. Sadly, no one wanted to join the ISD. Finally the state managed to corral one school into giving up its status as a public school, and the ISD was launched, with one school, a principal and a superintendent.

Then the state added another school. But the district, Wayne County, fought back, probably through its member of the General Assembly, and it has dropped out.

Stuart Egan tells the story of the escape of Carver Heights Elementary here.