Stuart Egan describes a parting shot that Tea Party Republicans took, passing legislation to advance charter schools at the expense of public schools.

(A note to the few readers of this blog who continue to believe that charter schools are “progressive,” may I introduce you to the Republican members of the North Carolina legislature? Please be sure to talk to State Senator Phil Berger, who would stamp out public education if he could.)

There are a plethora of ill-fated consequences that can manifest themselves quickly because of this bill. The first three would be felt all over the state. The fourth would only be seen in Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools as it was originally a local bill.

It could raise everyone’s property taxes in the state. Whatever the state now mandates for public schools and does not choose to specifically fund can now be passed on to local school systems.

It potentially weakens every public school system in the state whether or not it currently has a charter school. Now charter schools can ask the local district for funds to finance anything from custodians to benefits for charter school teachers.

It will probably cause a rise in charter school applications and eventually lead to more charter schools in the state. And the more charter schools there are, the more it hurts traditional public schools which still service the overwhelming majority of students in the state.

But most importantly, it would be allowing for the systemic re-segregation of student populations in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School System under the auspicious call for “school choice.”

But now that fourth consequence can now be felt in every county in the state.