Are you surprised to learn that Muriel Bowser, Mayor of the District of Columbia, has chosen a superintendent who is a graduate of the unaccredited Broad Superintendents Academy, known for its multiple failed superintendrncies and its devotion to closing public schools and turning them over to private management?

Mayor Bowser is intent on remaining loyal to the disastrous legacy of Michelle Rhee, to high teacher-turnover, and to disruption.

The District of Columbia, which has been wholly controlled by Reforners since 2007, continues to be one of the lowest-scoring districts in the nation on NAEP. It holds the dubious distinction of having the largest achievement gaps of any city or state in the nation, about double the national average. Yet Reformers still point to it as a “success” story, despite the gaps, despite the cheating scandal, despite the graduation rate scandal, despite the absence of any indecently verified data. Oh, and yes, the Mayor wants to take control of the data to be sure it reflects well on “Reform” and her.

Valerie Jablow has the story here.

Mayor Bowser must have a close relationship with Secretary DeVos.