A reader asked for evidence that Urban Prep (the subject of Gary Rubinstein’s expose) actually boasted of a 100% high school graduation rate and a 100% college acceptance rate.

Thirty seconds of googling produced this press release.

Urban Prep Academy’s faculty and family were joined by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday afternoon to celebrate their 167 seniors who are all college-bound.

On Thursday, the last seven of the 167 young scholars underwent the rites of passage and were handed their new ties. This moment solidified Chicago Urban Academy’s fourth consecutive year in graduating 100 percent of their all African-American male student body and sending them to college.

The Chicago academy has a tradition of changing their students’ red ties to red and gold striped ties to symbolize that they have received college acceptance letters, according to the Chicago Sun Times:

“At Urban Prep, college is not a dream, it’s a reality,” co-founder and CEO Tim King said. “College acceptance is the new black.”

Indeed, the combined senior class of 167 racked up a total of $6 million in grants and scholarships to some 125 unique colleges. Two students were accepted to 20 schools each. Two others account for more than $600,000 each in scholarship offers from all of the schools they got into.