This is a great segment by Samantha Bee about Leslie Smith, one of the top women Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world, who was thrown out of her sport when she tried to start a union.

Smith wanted fair pay for her dangerous work, health care, and a pension.

In case you have not seen it, one of the best things on cable TV recently was a series called GLOW—the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (the 2018 version on Netflix, which lasted two seasons) Some of its stars are on this segment, including the narrator.

A very wealthy man asked me recently why “everyone he knows” hates the unions. I replied that plutocrats have hated the unions since the passage of the Wagner Act in 1935. Nothing has changed except they now have a president and the Supreme Court on their side.

Now, more than ever, with so much money and power arrayed against working people, unions are needed to give working people a say.