Indiana declared war on its public school teachers when Mitch Daniels was Governor. The war against teachers intensified ubderGo Ernie Mike Pence. Now districts across the state are experiencing teacher shortages.

This is what Daniels, Pence, and the Legislature wanted. They drove down the cost of education. They placed their bets on school choice. They call it Reform. They are destroying the teaching profession and public education in the state. And they call it Reform.

In a survey this year, Indiana State University researchers asked Indiana school superintendents if they faced a teacher shortage — and how bad the problem was.

“It’s killing us,” one respondent wrote.

“This situation is getting worse each year,” another said. “Scares me!”

“Indiana’s war on teachers is winning,” a superintendent commented.

Out of the 220 districts that responded to the survey, 91 percent reported experiencing a teacher shortage, with most feeling the pinch in science, math, and special education.

Eighty-five percent of the surveyed districts applied for emergency permits for people who don’t have teaching licenses, or educators who are hired to teach subjects outside their licensure.

Superintendents overwhelmingly said it was difficult to find qualified job candidates, and many mentioned high teacher turnover rates. They often pointed to low pay as the cause, competing against other higher-paying districts or the private sector.