Just in case you thought that Eve Ewing was writing about a one-off event in Chicago, when Rahm Emanuel’s hand-picked board closed 50 public schools in one day, ignoring the pleas of parents, think again.

A similar battle is going on in the District of Columbia, where parents are pleading with the D.C. school officials to open a public school (doors open to all) where they closed a public school.

Valerie Jablow, a D.C. parent, writes about this struggle and pins down the shifty tactics of school officials, who offer dodges, double-talk, and shifting explanations to parents who want a public school.

The outcome, she suspects, is pre-determined.

The District of Columbia is still locked into the Michelle Rhee mindset and remains committed to replacing public schools with charter schools. After all, they have received millions from the Walton Foundation and other malanthropists NOT to change course and listen to residents.

This is what democracy does not look like, she writes, as officialdom finds myriad ways to evade public testimony by parents.