Matt Barnum reports on a conference sponsored by the Center for Reinventing Public Education, one of the leaders in promoting charters and portfolio districts, where he noted a new consensus against standardized testing. The only dissident voice was Sandy Kress, architect of No Child Left Behind, who may be the last person on earth who still believes in the value of test-and-punish regimes.

Some reformers said that they prefer to put their energy into “personalized learning,” which is a synonym for putting kids in fromt of a computer for hours every day.

Others may be disappointed that their beloved charter schools have failed to produce the test scores they expected, so they are looking for a different measure.

The reformers seem to be in alignment with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who turned against test scores when she realized that school choice does not produce higher test scores.

“Such rumblings of discontent with testing are not entirely new among the education reform crowd. Free-market-oriented advocates like Betsy DeVos, for example, have downplayed test scores, suggesting the more important issue is whether parents are satisfied with a given school.”