Vouchers are a zombie idea. They don’t help poor kids. The kids who use them fall farther behind in school.

Voters have turned them down again and again, as happened yesterday in Arizona.

Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic tells the story here about how vouchers became roadkill at the ballot box.

“Gov. Doug Ducey may have gotten a second term but he also took a powerful punch to the gut as his plan for a massive expansion of school vouchers was killed.

“Arizona voters didn’t just defeat Proposition 305. They stoned the thing, then they tossed it into the street and ran over it.

“Then they backed up and ran over it again.

“Voters defeated Ducey’s voucher plan by more than 2-1.


She goes on to warn that the pro-voucher billionaires are not finished. They are not swayed by the popular vote. They will be back.