We are still awaiting the miraculous results of the Common Core. ACT scores declined.

Mercedes Schneider takes a deep dive into the scores and then reviews the payday for ACT executives.

“Feeding from the testing trough is paying off quite well for ACT. According to its 2015-16 tax form, ACT garnered $340M in revenue.

“One board member serving 2 hours per week was paid $40.5K– what is for many teachers an annual salary. Board members working 3 hours per week earned between $47.5K and $61.5K. Even “former” board members are still on the payroll for between $15K and $51.8K for 3 hours a week.

“Chief measurement officer, Richard Patz, received $786K in total compensation, and the former CFO, John Whitmore, and former president, Jon Erickson, remain on the payroll at $767K and $747K, respectively.

“Testing. Test prep. And retesting:

“A sweet deal for current and former ACT officers and board members.

“For the American classroom, not so much.”