Betsy DeVos founded, funded, and led (until she became Secretary of Education) the American Federation for Children, which advocates for vouchers and every form of school choice, including charters. AFC recently published a comprehensive guide to private choice programs (including charters), and Peter Greene found that the information was surprisingly useful.He did, however, note that the report presented a skewed view of voucher research by ignoring the recent studies that concluded that vouchers have a negative effect on students who use them.

He reviews the charts and graphs and then comes to what he calls “the fun part.”

“Myths and Facts

“Oh, these are my favorite. This is the part where reformsters say, “Look, here’s a mean thing that people are saying about us, but nanny nanny boo boo to them.” It’s also where we find out what they think their vulnerabilities and strengths are, and where they try to steer the discussion. All fun stuff.”

This is a good read.