Have you been thinking about hosting a screening of Backpack?

We’re making it easy for you by offering a substantial discount if you book by August 31st!

For this month only, a screening where you don’t charge admission is $550 (plus shipping) or, if you do charge for entry, it’s $400 (plus 50% of the profits that you earn from ticket sales.)

Backpack explores the impact of market-based education reforms (like charter schools, vouchers, and testing) on public schools and the most vulnerable students who rely on them.

This discounted rate is a fantastic opportunity to host a screening at the start of the school year — and to kickstart discussions about education in advance of the all-important November elections!

Click here to request info (or respond to this email) and we’ll get back to you right away.


Teachers parents, voters, and other attendees all had strong responses to Backpack, saying that the film’s message made them feel motivated and ready to fight for public education.

Thank you to our hosts in Texas this summer, and to everyone who came out to see the film!

Our new version of Backpack will include the same great movie, but now with Spanish subtitles — as well as English subtitles, closed captions, and Scene Selection (so you can jump right to a specific section of the film).

Our guides and marketing materials — such as the Discussion Guideand Screening Handbook — will also be coming out in Spanish.

If you’re interested, go to our website and add a note in “Tell Us More,” requesting the new DVD or BluRay with Spanish subtitles.

Are you ready to host a screening of Backpack Full of Cash and a community discussion?