The stories and images of children separated from their families at the border are shocking. If you are not upset by what our government is doing, you have no heart.

There are times in history that call upon us to take action, raise our voices, do whatever we can to stop grave human rights abuses committed in our name. This is one of those times.

Sure, there are worse human rights abuses in other parts of the world. But this is happening here and now. It is happening because the President of the United States has ordered it to happen.

The Washington Post fact-checker reviewed the claims about the causes of the current human rights disaster.

Is it the fault of the Democrats? No. Is there a law requiring family separation? No.

Separating families was a choice made by Donald J. Trump.

The government has now opened what is euphemistically called “tender care” facilities for very young children, including toddlers and babies. The babies cry inconsolably and no adult is allowed to console them. Observers say that the older children change the diapers of the babies. When Rachel Maddow began reading a news clip about the “tender care” facilities, she broke down and cried on air. She couldn’t finish the sentence.

Trump said today he would sign an order to stop family separation. What happens next? Will he incarcerate entire families? What will happen to the children already removed from their moms and dads? Will they ever be reunited? Will we keep them as hostages? The local news station in New York City reported that we got a shipment of children from the border. Will they be put in foster care, never to see their families again? Perhaps auctioned off? What will happen to the babies in Trump’s “tender care” facilities whose parents were deported? Don’t be fooled. Pay attention to the details.

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, whatever, please do what you can. Contact your members of Congress. Join a protest. Act with others to amplify your voice. Bear witness.

Make no mistake. This is a defining moment. Decide where you stand and what you care about. Silence is consent.

I do not consent.