John Merrow turns 77 on June 14. He plans to bike 77 miles to mark his 77th birthday. He has been doing this since 2011.

His post documents the mileage each year.

He asks that you support his quest by giving $77 to three designated charities: Planned Parenthood; the Badass Teachers Association; or the Network for Public Education.

You can see he has chosen three very deserving, tax-deductible charities. I plan to give $77 to each of them to honor our friend. I hope to give $78 next year and keep adding increments for many years to come.

Whatever you think of his reportage at PBS, where he documented the rise and end of Michelle Rhee, John has become an invaluable ally of our struggle to save the public schools from aggressive but clueless billionaires and to expose the failures of high-stakes testing.

So my birthday gift to John is to name him a Hero of public education and add him to our honor roll and look forward to having him as a tireless leader of the cause of real and humane education under democratic control.