Educators in Kentucky were energized by the hostility of Governor Matt Bevin and the legislature. Several won primaries Tuesday.

High school math teacher Travis Brenda beat rising Republican star Jonathan Shell, who was majority leader of the House.

“Shell was mentioned as a likely candidate for House speaker in January 2019 and a possible candidate in years to come for state agriculture commissioner and governor.

“His campaign war chest for re-election dwarfed that of Brenda — $131,243 to $16,126.

“But Brenda, who is making his first bid for public office, railed against the pension bill and all who supported it, most notably Shell and Republican Gov. Matt Bevin. Brenda pledged to never vote again for Bevin, who criticized teachers, and picked up the endorsement of the Kentucky Education Association’s political action committee.”

Governor Bevin has repeatedly attacked teachers. They won’t forget.

“What Bevin fails to understand is that most Kentuckians hold public educators in high regard. In many counties, school systems are among the largest employers and sources of community pride. The people who work there are among the most-educated and most-respected people in the community.

“When he keeps calling public school educators “selfish,” “ignorant” and “unsophisticated” for challenging him, a lot of Kentuckians don’t take it well. And they vote accordingly.”

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