North Carolina teacher Justin Parmenter says that some districts have resorted to intimidation tactics to discourage teachers from showing up at the State Capitol in Raleigh on May 16.

But, he writes, North Carolina professional standards encourage teachers to act and speak on behalf of improving working conditions for teachers and students.

He writes:

“On the contrary, the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards actually encourage teachers to be active in their advocacy and work to improve teaching conditions and change policies that negatively impact our profession.

“Take a look at Standard 1 for yourself:

“Teachers lead the teaching profession.

“Teachers strive to improve the teaching profession. They contribute to the establishment of positive working conditions in their school, district, and across the state. They actively participate in and advocate for decision-making structures in education and government that take advantage of the expertise of teachers. Teachers promote professional growth for all educators and collaborate with their colleagues to improve the profession.

“Strive to improve the profession
“Contribute to the establishment of good working conditions
“Participate in decision-making structures
“Promote professional growth”

He recommends that you take a selfie on May 16:

“While you’re at the General Assembly advocating on behalf of your students and colleagues, be sure to get some pictures of yourself. They will serve as useful evidence of your distinguished performance on Standards 1c and 1d.”