As the Walton Family Foundation, ALEC, and Betsy DeVos would agree, the point of charter schools is to eliminate teachers’ unions.

The article says that 89% of charters are non-union, by design. (I think the percentage is even higher, possibly 95%.)

But in Los Angeles, three charters in the city’s largest charter chain are starting the process to unionize. 

This is a very small drop in a lake of charters.

Is it good or bad? It is good that teachers are seeking to have a voice in their workplace. It is good that they can join together to improve working conditions. It is good that they are defeating the billionaires who want to bust unions and privatize public schools.

But…when charter teachers join the NEA and AFT, will those two unions no longer oppose the charter openings? Will they stand back as the Waltons, Koch’s, and DeVos spend hundreds of millions every year to open more non-union schools?

A paradox. I hope to hear what you think.