Our Blog Poet, known as SomeDAM Poet has written poems for economists Raj Chetty, who launched the failed craze for VAM (value-added measurement) or test-based accountability for teachers, determining their quality by the rise or fall of the test s ores of their students, and the late William Sanders, an agricultural economist who transferred his methods for measuring the growth of cattle to the measurement of teachers, relying on student test scores.

SDP writes:

“Do I have a Chetty poem?

“Is Bill Gates rich? Is the sky blue? Did Arne Duncan get his gig at DOE cuz he shoots hoops?

“Chetty Pie”

To bake a Chetty pie
You pick the ripest cherries
Enticing folks to buy
“The Chetty Data Queries”

“Standard Deviations”

The Chetty-picker’s standard
Is lower than Death Valley
And even for a VAM nerd
That’s quite a lowly tally

“For Whom No bell Tolls”

A Nobel Prize in Hubris
Is what I do deserve
And though it may sound hum’rous
I’ve really got some nerve

I won’t let major sticking
Points get in my way
My trademarked Chetty-picking
Will surely win the day

And the following one was sort of made with Chetty in mind, cuz Obama loved his DAM work (although it also refers to William Sanders and his cattle model. But all these economists are basically the same)

“A way for a Manager”

A way for a manager, a plan for his
The little Economist laid down His sweet
The stars in the White House look down
where He lies,
The little Economist, with powerful ties.

The cattle are lowing, Economist
And little Economist, a model He makes;
I love Thee, Economist, look down from
the sky
And stay by thy cattle till morning is nigh