Mercedes Schneider takes apart Bill Gates and his monumental hypocrisy and arrogance. 

She documents his predilection for experimenting on other people’s  children, as he did with the Commin Core, and his penchant for carelessly destroying other people’s  lives, as he did with the ineffective teacher evaluations.

She notes that he recently announced an initiative to fix poverty, but is not investing much money, as compared to the billions he wasted on education forays.

Bill Gates has funded studies to belittle class size reduction, though in his own schooling and in that of his children, small classes were crucial.

He has given advice lately, sharing advice about how to raise children. He says you should love them unconditionally and pay no mind to their grades or test scores. Nice for his children, whose elite schools would never follow Gates’ education ideas. But what about the teachers who got fired because their students didn’t try or their parents didn’t care?

And last, to really see how out of touch he is, read about the “modest” bequests he plans to leave them.