NPR Illinois has been covering the harsh disciplinary policies at the high-scoring Noble Network of charter schools.

After publishing one piece about “dehumanizing” discipline, NPR learned about another issue. Girls who are bleeding because of their menstrual period and need to go to the bathroom at once must wait for an “escort,” if the incident happens during class. If the escort is late, the girl bleeds on herself. Sometimes they are allowed to tie a sweater around their waist to hide the blood on their trousers, and they won’t get a demerit.

Two teachers persuaded the administration to let girls wear black trousers instead of khaki, to hide the bloodstains.

Would any public school do this to students? Is this inhumane discipline resreserved for low-income students of color in “no-excuses” charter schools?

Be sure to read the comments. Many were posted by people who say they are current or former teachers at the Noble Network.