Tomorrow and Saturday, the Kentucky General Assembly 2018 will end its 60 day budget session. Thousands of parents, teachers, students, staff, small business owners, taxpayers, constituents and voters from across Kentucky will be joining together to fight to not only save public education, but more importantly the democratic process in Frankfort.

There are a number of harmful bills still in play. Please help us #OccupyFrankfort and tell our ALEC funded legislators understand their tactics will not be tolerated! We will #HoldTheLine against the corruption, lack of transparency, swindling, privatizing and hijacking of our democracy.

The teachers have held the line. It’s time for the rest of us to jump in and carry the torch. We need to fill the rotunda and Capitol grounds. Save Our Schools KY Coalition is planning 2 full days of speakers, music, and advocacy opportunities. Please join us.

Here are the goals:

1. STOP BAD LEGISLATION – There is still some bad legislation that can get sneaked in at the last minute. HB169 would harm students, especially our gap students, because it will target poor youth in minority neighborhoods. There is also the proposed harmful “scholarship tax credit” legislation, and any other number of bills that may have made it out of committee that could be passed during the final two days.

2. PUT LEGISLATORS ON NOTICE – We want to let them know exactly what we think about their terrible legislation. There will be candidates speaking throughout the two days who want to do better for Kentucky. #WeWillRememberInNovember

3. GIVE COALITION GROUPS A CHANCE TO BE HEARD – From right to work, to charters, health service, to pensions, to higher ed cuts, many, many groups have been hurt by the past two years of legislation. We need to lift up each others’ voices and work together to move Kentucky forward.

Before You Head Out

Take the action below from Forward Kentucky.

1. Shoepolish Your Car Windows. Get some shoe polish or window markers to decorate your car windows (not the paint)! Be creative! Use the same messaging you would use on your posters. Be sure people understand this is more than just about pensions, jobs, benefits. It is about the hijacking of our democracy. The destruction and privatization of public schools is integral to their plans. And we must make sure people in our communities, as well as on the road to Frankfort, understand what’s at stake.

2. Pack your I.D., water, sunscreen, hats, snacks. If you bring extra cases of water and snacks, we can help distribute it to rally participants who get thirsty or hungry!

3. Get Tools! Check out Save Our Schools Kentucky’s activists tools for a stop charters stop sign you can make at home, and more!

4. Make a rally sign! 2’x3′ is the size limit & no big sticks are allowed inside.

5. Bring sleeping bags, tents, picnic lunches. Who knows? These last-gasp legislative sessions are full of shenanigans and tend to run late. We may be spending the night!

Once You Arrive

1. Check in at the check in table. We will be at the top of the steps of the Capitol building at 8 am! Look for us at the right hand side of the entrance. We will direct you to actions and areas where you can maximize your visit. Be aware that the capitol is limiting entry to 500 people at a time, but we will work hard to keep the crowds moving.

2. Find one of our “station leaders” in a red SOSKY tshirt! They will be holding SOSKY clipboards and can direct you where to go, as the situation will be changing minute by minute. We can help you track down your legislator, find where legislators are meeting, and other activities in the annex and capitol.

3. Drop off your extra waters and packaged snacks at the loading dock (rear of annex). A volunteer will point you in the right direction.

4. Get there early! For security reasons, the capitol will have limited entry to 500 folks at a time. Once the doors close at 4:00 pm, they will not let anyone else in for the day. However, we will still have volunteers inside keeping an eye on the actions of our legislators and reporting out to the crowd and those following on social media the goings-on. Also, there will be many co-sponsors there with tents and activities on the lawn, as well as bands and speakers on the capitol steps even after the doors are locked, so hang around and enjoy the continued festivities well into the evening hours.

5. Media, Co-sponsors, speakers, volunteers and VIPS: Media will have special passes for entry to the capitol. Cosponsors who want to host tents, tables, etc are also encouraged to bring literature and volunteers for both inside and outside. Everyone working the event, please check in at the table upon arrival.

6. Transportation: KEA has posted some shuttle information on the KEA Facebook page. As more school districts announce closures and any groups offering buses to Frankfort are announced, we will share that information on our Save Our Schools Facebook page. Also be sure to watch for livestreams and check us out on Twitter @sos_ky!

We need to make sure our legislators understand they work for us. They need to vote in the best interests of their constituents, not their big money, outside donors. And if they continue this attack on our democracy, we will


See you tomorrow morning!