This commentary was submitted by a teacher who requested anonymity. In his community, it is dangerous to say such things. He might become a target.


U.S. Gun Tributes Worse Than Hunger Games

In the fictional novel Hunger Games, 23 youths are tributed to death each year to supposedly keep the peace.

In the present day United States, however, the number of people being tributed to gun violence each year is much higher.

Let’s do the math:

  • That’s 5x higher per capita than any other developed nation

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  • If the United States were like other developed nations, it would have 1/5th its gun-related deaths, that’s just 6,600 a year.


  • So that’s 26,400 unnecessary gun related tributes each year to supposedly keep the peace in the United States today (or 72 per day), which is much worse than the mere 23 that was tributed a year in the fictional Hunger Games.

How many more gun-related tributes do Americans need to endure?