Tom Ultican reviews the anguish of the libertarian CATO Institute, founded and financed by Charles Koch, and its efforts to refute the critique of vouchers by the Center for American Progress. CAP loves charters, hates vouchers. CATO lives the free market and embraces all forms of choice.

The libertarian ideology, he shows, is indifferent to facts. There is a libertarian Bible and a libertarian God, and his name is Milton Friedman, champion of free markets. If Friedman wrote something, it must be true, no further discussion.

“This ideology is a religiously held belief positing that private enterprise is always more efficient and cost effective than a government enterprise. However, privatized police forces, privatized prisons, privatized armies and privatized fire departments are clearly problematic.”

Friedman asserted that nothing had changed in American schools for 200 years.

Ultican asks:

”Let me get this straight, the father of vouchers believes teaching methods in America have not changed since 1795. Why did anyone ever listen to this blathering fool?”

Friedman’s fanatical followers treat his words as gospel. Privatization solves all problems. Except when it creates new ones, unleashing greed and rampant indifference to the common good.

Ideology tends to blind its adherents to facts or evidence.