Florida has low standards for opening and running charter schools. Oversight is almost non-existent.

The Eagle Arts Charter School is deep in a fincial hole and can’t pay its teachers.

”In a raucous board meeting on the school’s campus, Gregory Blount, the school’s executive director and founder, revealed that the financially struggling school has little money in the bank and that the school has been operating on short-term loans since November.

“The tumult raised fears that the 425-student school might be forced to close later this month if the school can’t persuade enough teachers to continue working.

“Accusing Blount of misleading the staff, the school’s two principals resigned during Monday’s board meeting, and the board chairman and the school’s special-education coordinator threatened to quit as well if Blount wasn’t removed from his position. Several other staffers also threatened to resign.

“I can no longer support something that I feel is an absolute charade,” board Chairman Tim Quinn said.

“Blount has been criticized for steering more than $150,000 of school money into his own companies since the school opened in 2014. In 2016, he was forced to repay $46,000 after The Palm Beach Post revealed that the school gave him the money in the guise of a loan.”