If you are like my family, you celebrated Passover with a festive meal and Seder on Friday night.

If you are like my family, you will celebrate Easter today in church and at a festive meal afterwards.

If you do something else, enjoy your day.

On Passover, Jews recall the Biblical story of slavery in Egypt and pray that all the world will one day be free from the oppression of those who are like Pharaoh. Dayenu! (Rough translation: “That would have been enough.”) Free from Pharaoh who steals the labor of the poor and enriches the rich. Dayenu! Free from Pharaoh who spreads hatred and fear. Dayenu! Free from Pharaoh who demands tribute to himself and his family. Dayenu! Free from all forms of oppression imposed by the Pharaoh and his followers. Dayenu!

On Easter, Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus and his promise to bring an era of love, peace, and justice to all.