Yesterday I posted Rick Hess’s article chastising his fellow reformers for their celebration of D.C.’s “success” as a model, which led to their embarrassment when the falsification of graduation data was revealed.

John Merrow posted a lengthy comment following Hess’s article, which is worth reading.

He wriites:

Rick Hess has, sadly, been singing the praises of ‘school reform’ from the beginning. That he’s acknowledging error now is laudable, but it’s inaccurate, unfair, and disingenuous to suggest that no one has called attention to the fraud of the ‘test and punish’ approach championed by Rhee and Henderson.

Below are nine citations of my own work (#8 with Mary Levy). If readers of this note have time for only a few, please review #1, “Michelle Rhee’s Reign of Error,” #4, “The Premature Celebration of Henderson’s 5-year Anniversary,” and #8, “A Complete History of the DC Reform Fiasco,” written with Mary Levy.

(I also write about this in my new book, “Addicted to Reform: A 12-Step Program to Rescue Public Education.” If you are wondering who and what public education needs to be rescued FROM, well, let me say that Rick Hess, Checker Finn, Mike Petrilli, the Fordham Foundation, Tom Toch, Education Next, Democrats for Education Reform, and the big testing companies are on the list.)

I believe that Hess and other apologists owe far more than an apology to the THOUSANDS of DC students who were lied to about their progress, and to the teachers who were vilified and driven out of their chosen field.

Right now Hess and others of his tribe ought to be working overtime to persuade Mayor Bowser, who shows no visible signs of having learned from this tragedy, to change course.

Yes, the failure of the Washington Post’s editorial page is regrettable, but I doubt that strong editorials would have been enough to drown out the hymns of praise from Hess, Arne Duncan, the big foundations, and local philanthropists.

That repentant apologists like Rick Hess and unrepentant ones like Tom Toch continue to dine out on and parade their supposed expertise is beyond ironic.