Betsy DeVos may be mocked by the media and parents, but she has a friend in Mike Petrilli at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. 

Is TBF angling for a federal grant? Mike was an original member of the “NeverTrump” movement, but now he is very impressed by Betsy DeVos. He is star struck, in fact.

Congress has handled her budget requests unsympathetically. She asked for deep cuts in the ED Department’s budget, but Congress increased spending on the programs she wanted to eliminate. The ED budget is actually larger, not smaller.

Betsy wanted $1 billion for school choice, but Congress killed that.

The only win she got was an increase in the funding of charter schools, which now goes up to $400 million a year.

This is a big win for ALEC, the Koch brothers, the DeVos family, and all the Red State governors who want to privatize public education. Make no mistake, it is a win for Donald Trump.

The big push to eliminate public schools in urban districts will resume, thanks to Congress.

This surely makes Corey Booker, one of DeVos’s strongest supporters, happy, along with Andrew Cuomo (NY), Dannel Malloy (CT), and Jerry Brown (CA).

Democrats who say they oppose the DeVos agenda of privatization (like Senator Patty Murray of Washington State) got rolled by DeVos.

New funding for charters, despite the scandals and frauds association with them, will be at least $600 million from the federal government, with its $400 million a year, and the Walton family’s $200 million a year.

If charters were really saving lives, as Petrilli claims, why are Detroit, Milwaukee, and D.C. still among the lowest performing districts in the nation, even though they are all charter-heavy?

When public money goes to private entrepreneurs without accountability, that is an invitation to fraud. And there are plenty of fraudsters lined up to take the money and run.