Stephen Dyer, a former legislator and currently a fellow at think tank Innovation Ohio, wonders why the state of Ohio is considering legislation to have the state dissolve the state board of education. He wonders if the move is payback for meddling with the fraudulent practices of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, which rewarded legislators for favoring ECOT and ignoring its inflated enrollments. Is it mere coincidence that five of the eight sponsors of the legislation received generous gifts from the owner of ECOT?

Be sure to read Dyer’s testimony to the legislature on HB 512 and why it should be dropped.

Bill Phillis, founder of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy, writes that HB 512 is an outrage and is unconstitutional.

“HB 512 is an affront to the Ohio Constitution-a change in governance of the State Education agency must be submitted to Ohioans on a statewide ballot

“HB 512 is a sinister end-run around the Ohio Constitutional provision for a state board of education and a superintendent of public instruction employed by the Board. HB 512 essentially proposes the elimination of a constitutional provision by legislation. The legislature has no right to transfer the State Board of Education operation to the Governor’s office.

“The crafters and other proponents of HB 512 are hoping to slip daylight past the rooster. They are trying to steer the attention of folks, including witnesses at the hearings, away from the fact that this is a constitutional issue subject to the voters of Ohio.

“HB 512 needs to be dropped. If state officials are serious about improving governance of the state education agency, they will propose an amendment to add constitutional language to require that all state board members are elected.

“The crafty scheme of leaving a hollow shell of the State Board of Education in the Constitution by transferring its responsibilities to the governor’s office is blatant contempt for Ohio’s highest governing document.

“Ohioans should be outraged with state officials who trample on the Constitution.”

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