Stephen Singer writes about the current Age of Ignorance. 

He writes:

“All-in-all, it’s been a crazy news cycle.

“If one thing was made clear during the last seven plus days, it’s this:

“Many people have no idea what a school should be.

“Take West Virginia, the site of a recently resolved statewide teacher strike.

“After years of watching the cost of living rise while wages remained stagnant, educators took to the streets to demand enough money that they wouldn’t have to quit their teaching jobs and look for work elsewhere.

“It’s a reasonable request.

“Imagine if we didn’t pay doctors enough to afford to practice medicine. Imagine if we didn’t pay lawyers enough to afford to practice law.

“Teachers just wanted enough money so they could focus on educating the next generation and still get perks like food and shelter.

“However, West Virginia is a self-confessed conservative state where self-identifying conservatives unashamedly explain that a full-throated expression of their conservative values includes the idea that you shouldn’t have to pay people a living wage for a hard day’s work.”