E.J. Montini, a regular columnist for the Arizona Republic, wrote an opinion piece wondering whether taxpayer in Arizona care that charter schools are wasting their money, closing without notice, discriminate against kids they don’t want, and are not subject to state laws requiring accountability or transparency, not even required to avoid conflicts of interest.

Lawmakers don’t care.

Not long ago the ACLU of Arizona published a report outlining how a number of Arizona charter school manage to discriminate against students they’d rather not have in their classrooms.

This would include minority students, kids with disabilities, special education students, discipline problems and children who weren’t as advanced as other academically…

The centrist Grand Canyon Institute has produced lengthy reports on the lack of financial accountability for charters.

Remember, these are public schools.

They use your tax money. Lots and lots of it.

They spent your money how?

But they don’t have to share financial information or be monitored by the state Auditor General like regular public schools.

They don’t have to be transparent about how much they pay their administrators, or anyone else.

There is no competitive bid process, so nepotism runs rampant.

And even when the charter board finds out that a school is failing financially, like the Discovery Creemos Academy, it doesn’t have to power to intervene.

It’s a crazy system.

Ripe for abuse at every level.

And that situation exists only because the people currently in control of state government allow it to exist

 Democrats have introduced a series of bills that would, in essence, make charter schools follow the same rules as other public schools.

They’ve gone nowhere.

Charter schools spend more on administrative overhead than public schools. So?

Does anyone care?

Or do Arizona voters like to be ripped off?