I signed on to FEDEX soon after the company came into existence in 1971. Maybe in 1975, about then.

FEDEX is one of the few corporate partners of the National Rifle Association that refuses to withdraw its sponsorship. It gives NRA members discounts.

I called FEDEX to complain and found I was talking to someone at a call center in Mexico who had no idea what I was talking about. After repeat phone calls, I got connected to a nice  young man in Virginia who told me about FEDEX support for good causes (“FEDEX Cares”). I told him the NRA is not a good cause. They promote legislation that allows mass murderers to get weapons of death. I said, I give you a week.

Today, after the Florida Senate House Appropriations Committee refused to ban assault weapons and decided to arm teachers (who don’t want guns in schools), I decided I had had enough.

I called FEDEX and after many diversions from one machine to another, I finally got a phone number for the department where you can cancel your account.

The number is 1-800-622-1147. You have to go through a few “press 1, press 2, press 3” things, but eventually you can ask for a “representative.”

I canceled my account. The representative didn’t say, “sorry to lose your business” or anything else. She just said, “It is canceled. Goodbye.”

A small act, but if 1,000,000 other customers did the same, FEDEX  might actually “CARE.”

Also, one of the Republican candidates for governor of Georgia is threatening to cancel a tax break for Delta Airlines, which did withdraw its alliance with the NRA. Delta, says the New York Times today, brings billions of dollars of revenue to Georgia, because Atlanta is its hub.

Delta, consider moving to Nashville or some other city that would be glad to have the revenue you bring in. If the legislature of Georgia is dumb enough to punish you for standing up to the NRA, move out!