If you saw the film “Waiting for Superman,” you may recall that one of the model charter schools featured in the film was a boarding school in D.C. called SEED. Unmentioned was that the annual tuition was $35,000. The school appeared idyllic, and one of the students was eager to gain admission and realize his dreams.

Now SEED has a problem. A 12-year-old student hung herself, and news reports say she was bullied. 

Terrible things happen at all kinds of schools, as we have seen recently. I am not singling out SEED  because it is a charter, but because it was promoted as a cure-all, a model school.

”Stormiyah’s death prompted backlash from dozens of parents who have come forward to FOX 5, reporting issues of widespread bullying and lack of supervision at SEED. They claim the complaints are not properly being dealt with by school administrators.

“In response, SEED has held multiple parent meetings to address concerns. The latest one held Tuesday was called “SEED Safety and You….”

”The Office of Human Rights is charged with investigating formal complaints made against D.C. schools.

“Why do all these things have to happen for them to have a meeting for safety?” asked Renee Hamilton, the aunt of a SEED student. “That should have been implemented Day 1. And it should have been stayed on top of Day 1.”

“Parents told FOX 5 the school has also promised more supervision. But one parent said she has seen no change since the tragedy.

“Kids running wild, no supervision,” added Tiarra Coleman, the mother of a SEED student. “There should be a parent, a teacher, someone at every door. There is not. Nothing has changed since that tragedy January 23rd.”

“Coleman’s son was asked not to return to school after SEED administrators said he confessed to vandalism. Coleman told FOX 5 her son was coerced to take blame for other students who’ve been bullying and threatening him for months.

“Those boys are still at the school to this day,” she said.

“Coleman has since been trying to pull her son out of SEED, but said she can’t get the school to release his records so she can move him.”

No School is perfect. Humility is best.